A lifeline for people and planet or surrender to climate breakdown?

On Tuesday 6th October (3-5pm CET) the EU Parliament will vote on whether according to climate science the EU's emission reductions will be in line with the Paris Agreement. We need people all over Europe to pressure MEPs to vote for climate action that will stop the worst effects of the climate crisis as a matter of urgency. 

The 2030 emissions reductions on the table are nowhere near enough to limit the worst impacts of climate breakdown!

Crisis is all around us: a pandemic, a recession, racism and neo-colonialism, discriminations of all kinds, injustice and inequality, and ecological collapse. These crises are interconnected and the only way to solve them is with systemic change. But European politicians are moving away from what is scientifically and humanely necessary and are spending our money to feed the greed of corporate climate criminals who line their pockets through human exploitation and environmental destruction.

We are in a race against time. Forests are burning, ice sheets are collapsing and the window to stop runaway climate change is closing. But European politicians are debating about climate action that will not be sufficient. Time is running out for them to take responsibility and put people and the planet ahead of the short-term interests of big polluters. The EU needs to agree emissions targets that meet the emergency we are facing to stop the worst impacts of climate breakdown. 

It's not too late, hundreds of thousands of young people and climate activists are taking to the street to demand urgent action in line with science from our governments. We desperately need to heal nature, our bodies, public services, jobs and economies. This is about economic, social, and environmental justice, not political convenience.

European politicians need to take real climate action, taking care of people and standing up to big polluters! 

A lifeline for people and planet or surrender to climate breakdown?

Tell the EU Parliament: Keep your green promises!

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